Nursing Scarf For Breastfeeding By Consider It Maid - Cotton & Polyester Blend, Soft, Lightweight & Breathable Material - Maximum Privacy - Modern, Stylish Design

Consider It Maid

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About the Product
  • FINEST QUALITY, SOFT MATERIAL: The Consider It Maid breastfeeding scarf is made of 80% polyester and 20% premium quality cotton. It is super soft and ideal for your baby's sensitive skin. What is more, it is breathable so as to allow your angel to feel comfortable while being fed.
  • ENJOY THE ABILITY TO FEED YOUR BABY AT ANY PLACE: If you wish to be able to breastfeed your baby at any given moment, this nursing shawl is exactly what you have been looking for. Its length provides you with perfect front and back coverage, allowing you to enjoy full privacy.
  • ELEVATE YOUR STYLE AND LOOK YOUR BEST: Apart from being the top accessory for new mothers, this top notch nursing scarf can be used even when you stop breastfeeding. Its unique, fashionable design is bound to impress and make it one of your wardrobe's, all-time favorite clothes.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE DESIGN: Forget about bulky, heavy breastfeeding scarves that are too difficult to carry around or fit in your bag. The Consider It Maid nursing scarf is extremely lightweight and easy to carry with you throughout the day.


Product Description

The Most Comfortable, Protective And Stylish Nursing Scarf Is Now Available On Amazon!

Every parent wants to provide their baby with maximum care. Mothers know that breastfeeding creates a unique, incomparably strong bond between the mom and the baby. How would you like to have a top notch, modern style scarf that would allow you to breastfeed your baby anywhere you are, avoiding indiscreet glances and that could help you look your best?

Consider It Maid has created the ultimate breastfeeding scarf that is bound to serve all your needs!

Premium Quality Material That Promises Maximum Comfort For You And Your Baby

This amazing motherhood nursing scarf for breastfeeding is made of 80% polyester and 20% cotton. Its extremely soft synthesis makes it ideal for your little angel's delicate skin. It features a very lightweight, breathable design that promises to keep you and your special little one warm and perfectly protected against sweating.

Feel Free To Breastfeed Your Baby At Any Place Enjoying Full Privacy

The Consider It Maid maternity scarf features the ideal length so as to allow you to feed your baby comfortably. It can perfectly fit any body type and it provides you full front and back coverage while allowing you to maintain clear eye contact with your angel.

Apart from being an extremely useful accessory for any new mommy, this nursing scarf will certainly become one of your favorite clothing pieces. It is very versatile, modern, stylish and flattering.

Make this breastfeeding cover up scarf yours or offer it as a gift to a friend that has recently become a mother.

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