Nursing Cover For Breastfeeding By Consider It Maid - 100%, Soft, Premium Quality & Breathable Cotton Material - Adjustable D Ring - Pockets For Storage & Baby Monitor Neckline

Consider It Maid

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About the Product
  • INCOMPARABLY SOFT MATERIAL: Babies are very sensitive and they deserve the best protection. Consider It Maid has created a nursing cover that is made of 100%, super soft, finest quality cotton which is the best for your little angel.
  • ADJUSTABLE AND IDEAL FOR ALL SIZES: This amazing breastfeeding cover features an adjustable D-ring that allows you to wear it in a way that best suits your body type and size. You and your baby deserve to be feeling more than comfortable.
  • KEEP EVERYTHING ORGANIZED: Forget about trying to reach for a bottle or a pacifier while breastfeeding. The Consider It Maid baby breastfeeding cover features many pockets so to help you keep everything in place and make the whole procedure extremely easy.
  • EASY TO KEEP CLEAN AND REUSE: This incomparably useful maternity nursing cover is dishwasher safe. You do not have to worry about keeping it clean and you can use it on a daily basis in order to make motherhood an even more enjoyable experience.


Product Description

Get The Best Nursing Cover And Enjoy Full Privacy And Maximum Comfort While Breastfeeding!

Breastfeeding is a procedure that every woman adores. Unfortunately, mothers usually have a hard time trying to find a place to feed their babies, especially when they are in public. Consider It Maid provides you with the best solution and helps you enjoy breastfeeding at any place and time with the help of a top notch nursing cover.

Premium Quality Material And Incomparably Comfortable Design

This amazing nursing privacy cover is made of 100%, finest quality cotton that is super soft and ideal for your angel's sensitive skin. What is more, it is breathable, assuring you that your baby will be feeling comfortable while being fed. It is also machine washable so you can easily keep it clean and use it on a daily basis.

The Consider It Maid baby breastfeeding cover features an adjustable D-ring that provides the perfect fit no matter what your size is. Aiming at helping you enjoy motherhood and keep everything organized, this nursing cover up has multiple pockets that provide you with ample storing space for nipples and bottles.

Enjoy Full Coverage, Maximum Privacy And Perfect Eye Contact With Your Little Angel

The awkward feeling of trying to breastfeed in public without becoming the center of attention has gone once and for all! Make this nursing cover shawl yours and be perfectly protected against indiscreet glances.

The specially designed neckline allows you to have clear view of your baby while being completely covered.

This must have breastfeeding accessory is the perfect gift for all the new mothers who wish to cherish their special moments with their babies.

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